Surface & Air Disinfection Cannon Capsule

Cannon Capsule Disinfection

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Cannon Capsule Disinfection

Highly populated and fast transit areas such as buses, airplanes, waiting rooms and trains have long been a problem, especially in regards to infection prevention and odour control.

What is Cannon Capsule ?

Cannon Capsule is an electrolyzed water, positively charged water which is 100% natural nontoxic and chemical free disinfectant. Using the latest technology, microscopic polymer capsules are released to deliver Cannon Capsule.

The capsules open on human contact, releasing their antimicrobial action resulting in powerful protection for your customers and staff!

Cannon Capsule benefits

  • 100% Non chemical & toxic
  • Neutral pH (6.8 - 7.2)
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) between 900 to 950 mV.
  • Certified by International organization

Suitable for

Cannon Capsule is suitable for everyone that wants to avoid chemical spraying can be applied for everywhere especially crowded place to sanitise such as

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